Interview with blogger

Interview with blogger

In 2013, I was interviewed via email, by a friend who is actively reaching out to help Amish people rise to new levels of faith. She also offers speeches and teachings on her knowledge of the Amish culture. This link takes you to her blog.

Feel free to comment and ask questions at will. God bless you! 

Time Goes On

Anna Marie

As I sit here pondering over the past five years, I must say we are supremely blessed. Where has time gone?

You say, “Why do you talk about five years, and not six, or two?”

Well, let me tell you. Five years stands out to me this morning in a special way. Nothing unexpected, but yet, I look at it as a milestone suddenly upon us.

Our youngest child is five years old today.

Also, it was just over five years now, that we transitioned from a strict Old Order Amish community (the only life we ever knew) to a new world of focusing on Jesus as our guide. (He’s a great bishop!)

Five. Why is five a milestone? Five is just another number in the list of single digits, yet it stands out. Five marks the completion of the first group of numbers covered when counting by fives.

When I was five years old, I felt quite big. To show my age, I had to use all my fingers and the thumb. It was what they said, “A handful.” I was now a “handful” of years old.

I remember, one cold Sunday morning, after I was five, we were getting ready to go to church. We were getting settled in our buggy seats, and the horse was hitched up. I was attempting to get my gloves onto my hand, and was having a hard time doing it. My dad asked me why I am unable put on my gloves.

I replied, “Well… I am now five.”

Was that funny? I still don’t know. But I know they all laughed at my remark. I guess I should’ve said, “My hand is getting too big,” huh? But ALL of me was getting big!

I heard that story being repeated more than once, by my siblings, in later years, when they wanted something to chuckle at. (Yes, I have siblings. More on that later)

So, back to my topic…

Our youngest daughter, sweet Anna Marie Yoder, is now five years old. She is very excited about it.  Her siblings love her better than gold, and so do my wife and I. (Yes, I have a lovely wife. More on that later) Well, last night, just at bedtime, all the children wanted a turn to hold Anna Marie while she is still small. It was their last chance, because tomorrow she will be big (five).

Anna Marie was born after we had accepted Jesus as our guide, and she shows it. She is a very happy little girl, who, even at this young age, acknowledges Jesus as her helper. What a joy that puts into our hearts!

What God has done to us in the past five years is evidence that he is watching over us.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.                                                             3 John 1:4

Well, I suppose God says that verse over and over, about his children.

As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.         Psalms 127:4

Have a blessed day. It’s all about Jesus.